Mission statement

The goal of J&M Machine Co Inc. is to provide the very best engines and parts to customers who value their vehicles and demand the very best. We believe quality creates its own demand. All customers are invited to tour our shop to see our level of commitment to excellence, quality and uncompromised service.

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About Our Company

Our company specializes in the complete rebuilding of Antique and Modern engines for Automobiles, Trucks, Tractors, Industrial Marine, Coaches and more. Since 1990 our full service machine shop has been providing top quality work in North America and other countries. Our expertise covers all years of engines. Attention to detail and precision craftsmanship are the keys in the success of our company.

We do 99% of the work in house. Many of the engines we remanufacture are upgraded to modern standards. Drastic improvements are made, such as hardened valve seats and better quality tin based babbit bearing materials to endure today's driving needs. Whether it is a pre teens, or late model engine, we can handle them all. From Babbit bearings, Block work, Balancing, Crack repair, Cylinder heads, Crankshaft grinding/Welding, Line boring, as well as manufacturing capabilities. We can handle your restoration project with ease.